Isabella Freedman Jewish Retreat Center Passover 2022 in Falls Village, CT

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Property Type: Historic Inn

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Pesach 2022

Apr 15, 2022 – Apr 24, 2022  

Isabella Freedman Jewish Retreat Center, Falls Village, CT

Escape to the Berkshires for a beautiful, engaging Pesach retreat.

Experience freedom – celebrate Passover surrounded by the beautiful foothills of the Berkshire Mountains. Enjoy classes from our best teachers and delicious Kosher-for-Pesach fare. Our schedule is packed with activities for the whole family. Nourish your mind, body, and soul on one of the best Passover vacations you’ll ever have!

Retreat Overview

Pesach at Isabella Freedman will feature a modern Orthodox program and activities for adults and kids, kosher-for-Passover meals, and options for communal Seders or a semi-private option.

Full Stay (9 nights)
Fri, April 15 – Sun, April 24

Standard lodging: $3150 per adult

Basic lodging: $2175 per adult

Dormitory: $1825 per adult

Commuter: $1625

Children (5-12): $985

Children (0-4): $125

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First Days (3 nights)
Fri-Mon, April 15-18

Standard lodging: $1375 per adult

Basic lodging: $975 per adult

Dormitory: $825 per adult

Commuter: $750

Children (5-12): $400

Children (0-4): Free

Registration opens early 2022

Last Days (3 nights)
Thurs-Sun, April 21 – 24

Standard lodging: $1325 per adult

Basic lodging: $925 -per adult

Dormitory Lodging: $775 per adult

Commuter: $675

Children (5-12): $375

Children (0-4): Free

Registration opens early 2022



Seders: There are two options for each Seder. You can join a communal seder in our Dining Room led by our guest educators. Or you can choose to hold your own semi-private Seder as a family unit in our Library.

Classes and Activities: We will hold classes throughout the week including text study and outdoor exploration, as well as yoga, tours of our organic farm, and guided hikes on our trails. During Chol HaMoed we will have live entertainment, a movie night and more!

Kid’s Activities: While many of our activities are family friendly, there will also be some dedicated programs for kids throughout the week. These will make use of our farm and the natural environment of the retreat center.

Gan Adamah is for children ages 2-4. Parents/Guardians can choose to drop off their children or stay with them. Gan Adamah provides a safe and engaging space for toddlers to play, explore, sing, and move. Programming is from 9am – 12pm* each morning of the retreat, except arrival and departure days.

The Food We Serve

Our kitchen and dining room are glatt kosher under supervision of the Hartford Kashrut Commission. During Pesach, we understand that folks come here with a wide range of observances and traditions, and we strive to make sure that everyone feels comfortable and nourished. Please indicate any special dietary needs when you register. We can provide vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, or dairy free options and we will do our best to accommodate all your food allergies or other dietary needs. The following will give you a brief introduction to our practices for Pesach:

Dairy: All of our dairy – milk, cheese, and yogurt – is Cholov Yisroel.

Kitniyot: We do not serve kitniyot during Pesach.

Gebrochts: We do serve gebrochts throughout Pesach, however there are non-gebrochts/gluten-free  options at each meal.

Meals: We will serve three meals each full day of your stay. Only dinner will be provided on your arrival day and breakfast on your departure day. Ahead of the late Seders we also serve an earlier light supper. Seders and holiday meals at the start and end will have assigned tables. Your choice of dining will remain the same the entire program.

Each guest room / suite is equipped with a mini-fridge. We ask though that guests limit the amount of food eaten in your rooms and to be mindful of trash, given the area wildlife in our remote location.

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